Fortunately, there is a simple solution for both: juice!

If you are a big juice lover, drink juice for almost every day, big glasses of fresh, homemade vegetable and fruit juice is in your love list, a good juicer is best fitted for you. In addition, if you are doing a seventh-day juice treatment at least two times a year, which is not to do with fasting because during this time drinking juice concentrates body minerals, vitamins, living enzymes, and superfoods.

Admittedly, especially the first two days of such a cure are sometimes not easy. As the body is strongly detoxified, it can lead to headaches, you can feel flat and tired. However, these symptoms quickly pass by and are replaced by a multiplicity of energy, a feeling of mental and physical clarity and the moment.

Effects of Juice on Body

Because the body does not have to put any energy into the digestion, it can concentrate fully on the healing and the cell construction. The cells repair and detoxify. The fastest healing you can see on your skin, which is pure and starts to radiate, as well as your eyes. A juice cure is great for the immune system: since you met the beginning of the winter with juices, you are no longer ill, flu well! In addition, the fresh juices have a positive effect on the endocrine system, which is good for the hormonal balance and keeps one inwardly and outwardly young.

A positive side effect for many is also the weight loss. However, if you have found that this is only true if one is overweight. So you do not have to worry about being a slim person so that you are extremely emaciated by a juice treatment.

Maintaining the Quality of Juices

Of course, the quality of the juices you eat is important. Juice from the plastic bottle is not equivalent to homemade juice. Industrially produced juices are mostly pasteurized, which not only kills bacteria, but also the living enzymes. Unfortunately, many vitamins and minerals are also lost by the process.

Which One Should You Choose

Whether cheap or expensive, buying the best masticating juicer is one of the best decisions you can make for yourself and your well-being. It is highly preferable to invest in your health than in clothes or cocktails. As an entry book for the different juice combinations and their effects, You are recommended to take fresh fruit and vegetable juices which have vitality-rich drinks for fitness and health.

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